They call me: Doodles I am the Chief Artzy Chick at Digital Doodles
To find my work search #DigitalDoodles or #(insertcollectionname)

Co-Owner of a Photo Gallery website

Published Artist
Award Winning Photographer
Metal Head
I used to be a part of designing and building Yahoo! Data Centers
I am obsessed with Herons of all kind but Great Blue Herons are my FAVE!
My Goal with this site is to aggregate my work in one easy to access place since I post my work all over the internet.
You will find on this website Links to
My Collections (On the Home Page)
Dart Art Collection
Colour Minus Collection
MoonDay Collection
Flutterby Collection
A Collection of B&W
Concert Photography \../_(◣_◢)_\../
New Additions- Sunday Sunflower Series

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Nature Photography
Digital Art / Manipulated Photography

A Store to buy my Prints

A Blog with a bit about whatever I am currently working on or about what one of my collections or obsessions are about.

And a happy disposition with life.
Rock on!! \../_(◣_◢)_\../ Doodles