Sky Sunday: Orange Skies

So what is the crew up to today?

It’s Sky Sunday at AFC (Artistic Freedom Crewclick link to see more of the Crew’s posts.

For Starters… Here is AC’s Magic Window  with “Happy Days”
We also have a Magic Balcony  with “Rooftops”
Let’s see where in the world our skies are from today, we only know that the are

sky sunday 4.9 Mike P
Quiet Mornings by Mike
sky sunday 4.9 Milly
A Perfect Sunrise by Milly
sky sunday 4.9 AC
Smouldering Skies by AC
sky sunday 4.9 Doodles
After sunset Party by Doodles
sky sunday 4.9 Marilyn
Sunset in Wyoming USA by Marilyn
sky sunday 4.9 Ewa
Silhouette Sunset by Ewa



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