What’s New with the Crew: Monochrome Madness- “Busy”

We have something wicked for you ~ Monochrome Madness!
Each Sunday a single word will be posted, on the AFC Facebook page, and on the AFC site’s frontpage banner as our Monday-Friday Monochrome theme.
Also allowed are colour splash and sepia photos.
Here’s what to do to play along
Post your photo to: http://www.artisticfreedomcrew.com
Tag it with MonoMad so it can be easily found.
Enter up to 5 photos a week for this theme.
Be creative with your image or play around with the word itself… but above all, have fun!

Each weekend Doodles, that’s me, will assemble a smattering (or “selection”) of the week’s photos for Monday’s Doodles blog,
AFC “What’s New With the Crew” showcase, (https://mrsdoodles.wordpress.com/blog/)

All selected images will be displayed on the AFC Facebook page as well.

Monochrome Madness: “Busy”- This Week’s showcase

MonoMad 3.27.2016 Carmen
Busy Dancing by Carmen
MonoMad 3.27.2016 AC
Lines are Busy by AC
MonoMad 3.27.2016 Marilyn
Busy Spider by Marilyn 
MonoMad 3.27.2016 Milly
Busy Fishing by Milly
MonoMad 3.27.2016 Doodles
Busy Highway by Doodles
MonoMad 3.27.2016 Bruno
Busy Clouds by Bruno
MonoMad 3.27.2016 Renate
Busy Fishing By Renate
MonoMad 3.27.2016 Nuraire
Busy Feeding by Nuraeni

One thought on “What’s New with the Crew: Monochrome Madness- “Busy”

  1. Hi,
    I love your monochrome photos. I see the outline on the yellow letters. Did you use FotoJet? I love that tool.
    I love photography and I’m always trying to improve my blog photography. I’ve blogged about it often. I haven’t used monochrome though. It looks like I need to use that filter.
    Maybe you can check out my blog. I blog about blogging tips as well as photography.

    Liked by 1 person

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