Sky Sunday: Follow the Sun

So what is the crew up to today?

It’s Sky Sunday at AFC (Artistic Freedom Crewclick link to see more of the Crew’s posts.

For Starters… Here is AC’s Magic Window  with “One Ray of Light”
We also have a Magic Balcony  with “Fluffy Stuff”
Let’s see where in the world our skies are from today, we only know that we’re 

Following the Sun

sky sunday 3.26 Scott H
Sunrise in Colorado USA by Scott
sky sunday 3.26 Marilyn
Afternoon Rain Shower Coming by Marilyn
sky sunday 3.26 Paul
Afternoon in Nova Scotia by Paul
sky sunday 3.26 Carmen
Grey Afternoon in Romania by Carmen
sky sunday 3.26 Stuitt
Setting Sun in Amsterdam by Stuitt


sky sunday 3.26 Bruno
After Sunset Poland by Bruno
sky sunday 3.26 AC Khoo
After Sunset in Malaysia by AC

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