What’s New With the Crew: Monochrome Madness: Waves

We have something wicked for you ~ Monochrome Madness!
Each Sunday a single word will be posted, on the AFC Facebook page, and on the AFC site’s frontpage banner as our Monday-Friday Monochrome theme.
Also allowed are colour splash and sepia photos.
Here’s what to do to play along
Post your photo to: http://www.artisticfreedomcrew.com
Tag it with MonoMad so it can be easily found.
Enter up to 5 photos a week for this theme.
Be creative with your image or play around with the word itself… but above all, have fun!

Each weekend Doodles, that’s me, will assemble a smattering (or “selection”) of the week’s photos for Monday’s Doodles blog,
AFC “What’s New With the Crew” showcase, (https://mrsdoodles.wordpress.com/blog/)

All selected images will be displayed on the AFC Facebook page as well.

Monochrome Madness: Waves- This Week’s showcase

MonoMad 3.20.2016 AC
Ocean Waves by AC
MonoMad 3.20.2016 Bruno
Winter Waves by Bruno
MonoMad 3.20.2016 Candy
Inlet Beach Waves by Candy
MonoMad 3.20.2016 Pine
Wave on a ocean sunset by Pine
MonoMad 3.20.2016 Ron Waters
Crashing Wave by Ron 
MonoMad 3.20.2016 Bragi
Wind Drawn Waves by Bragi
MonoMad 3.20.2016 Marilyn F
Tapestry Waves by Marilyn


MonoMad 3.20.2016 Doodles
Sand Piper Surfing the Waves by Doodles



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