Sky Sunday: Blue Skies & Sunsets

So what is the crew up to today?

It’s Sky Sunday at AFC (Artistic Freedom Crewclick link to see more of the Crew’s posts.

For Starters… Here is AC’s Magic Window  with “Spotlight”
We also now have a Magic Balcony with “The Last Scene”
Let’s see where in the world our skies are from today, we only know that they’re 

Blue Skies or Sunsets

sky sunday 3.19 Bruno
Sunset, Portugal by Bruno
sky sunday 3.19 Milly
Sunset, Luxembourg by Milly
sky sunday 3.19 Txatxy
Dusk, Spain by Txatxy
sky sunday 3.19 DL Jones
Sunset USA by DL Jones


sky sunday 3.19 Stuitt
Blue Skies, Netherlands by Stuitt
sky sunday 3.19 Luz
Blue Skies Puerto Rico by Luz
sky sunday 3.19 AC Khoo
Blue Skies, Malaysia by AC











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