Sky Sunday: Photo Bombed

So what is the crew up to today?

It’s Sky Sunday at AFC (Artistic Freedom Crewclick link to see more of the Crew’s posts.

For Starters… Here is AC’s Magic Window  with “And then…it gets dark”
We also now have a Magic Balcony with “Warmth”

Let’s see where in the world our skies are from today, we only know that they’re 


Sunrise Photo Bombed by Clouds in Romania
Sunset Photo Bombed by Clouds in Portugal
Blue skies Photo Bombed by snow in Iceland by Bragi
Grey Skies PhotoBombed by an arch in Utah USA by Bruce
After Sunset Photo Bombed by a Streetlight in Spain by Jesus
Cloudy Skies Photo Bombed by a Sundog in Germany
Storm Cloud Photo Bombed by Birds in Washington DC

Hope you have enjoyed our skies at AFC! 

Want to be a contributor? 

Join us and show us your Skies.


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