Perspective in B&W  

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This image from from a wildlife refuge Bird Watching station. I looked forward down the path to see what could be awaiting me by the water.

Perspective: Looking Forward

This is one of my favourite subjects, and usually I pose the Moon with other things like clouds or tree tops and the like… but sometimes I just take a straight up “NASA” shot, although I am in no way speaking about quality.

Perspective: Looking Up

This is the foliage from my Shade Garden. Looking down allowed me to capture the textures and foliage, those are what make a garden interesting… the flowers just make it pretty.

Perspective: Looking Down

This is a plant called a May Pop, or May Apple, or American Mandrake. The flower on this plant lasts 2 days tops so there is but a very small window to catch the flowers. They are hard to spot these flowers because they hide under huge leaves and grow at the base of the plant near the ground

Perspective: Looking Under

Looking through the trees, I could see the fountain had been turned on again for spring.

Perspective: Looking through

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