So what is the crew up to today?

It’s Sky Sunday at AFC (Artistic Freedom Crew). click link to see more

Nubble Light by Mike Petipas

(left)Mike Petipas is a new crew mate and well you can see  he is a fine addition to the gallery. This is a bit of what he has to say about the photo. His skies are from  New Hampshire.


“This was a morning that went horribly wrong. This was my first test shot of the light house. On my second shot a rogue wind of considerable strength came of the ocean blowing my camera onto the rock and smashing it along with my favorite lens.”



An Other Day by Comănescu Carmen



The photo on the below left is from one of the original Crew Comănescu Carmen These skys come from Romania This sun et was at the end of a great day trip. The winter tress and trace bits of snow give it a winter feel




Flocks By Brumest



The skies to the left with the deep tones of orange are from Portugal. Bruno always seems to have the luck of photo bombing birds, in this case an entire flock of them.



Winter Sunset By Doodles


The next photo is from yours truly Doodles in the burbs of Washington DC. This image is actually inspired by my fellow crew mate Brumest who has such a knack for clouded dramatic sunset skies. As I played with my camera settings and saw this develop in my viewer it so reminded me of Bruno’s work.

If you’re wondering if the Sky Queen (AC Khoo) posted view from her very own  Magic Window ? …Why of course she did… just click the link for  look see.

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