Friday’s Are For Rockin \../_(◣_◢)_\../

The Line up for today is

Baby Metal 

Date Taken: May 2016

Baby Metal Open to view

Where: Carolina Rebellion Music Festival

Baby Metal is a high energy show. It is well choreographed focusing on the Ladies who front this band. Make no mistake about the musicians playing in this band. They are top notch and no joke.




Next up 

In This Moment

In This Moment

 Date Taken:  Oct 2015

Where: Rock Allegiance Music Festival

As we all know this is one of my Favorite Bands to photograph. Their show is no stop insanity with many costume changes and set additions along the ride.

You’ll be glad to know they are on my docket for 2017 so new photo’s forthcoming.

And to close the show

Bring Me The Horizon

Date Taken: May 2016

Oliver Sykes

Where: Carolina Rebellion Music Festival

Everytime someone mentions this band i have the urgent need to hear “The Happy Song” . This band every time i have seen them has always been a festival and they always play at sunset.

They are a brand of metal called Metal Core and they hail from the UK


Well that’s my Friday night show.

See ya’s next week on Rockin Fridays

Rock on Friends and have a rocking good weekend !

Thanks \../_(◣_◢)_\../ Doodles


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