Sky Sunday

So what is the crew up to today?

It’s Sky Sunday at AFC (Artistic Freedom Crew).

Here is a sample of what you will find there. 

Open to view

The sun has set but the pink glow from the light just beyond the horizon lingers on. As I have said AFC is all about showing the stuff that makes your world, your backyard. As our contributing crew is all over the world this makes for some fascinating and sometimes unusual sights. Like this week, for Sky Sunday crew mate AC, I have mentioned her before, she is our sky queen, posted this gem which can be found here A view from the Magik Window in B&W

This week we also had a contribution from the Pacific Northwest. This work is amazing and you really should check it out. How does a winter sky, with snow on the ground and an old abandon house sound… the trees a that have overgrown around the structure in their winter skeletons, also covered in snow… His name is Mike Adams, and the image can be found here. Wow Winter Image  To find more of Mike’s work you can check out his gallery here. Mike Adams Photography

Want to be a contributor at AFC? 

Join us and show us your world.


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