Wildlife Wednesday

So what is the crew up to today?

It’s Wildlife Wednesday at AFC (Artistic Freedom Crew). That link will show you all of what the crew has been posting today.

sam_2674aHere is a sample of what you will find there. This is a White Tailed Deer that lives in my neighborhood. I have so much wildlife around my house I often forget I live in the massive suburban sprawl I call “Urburbia” (City living in the outer suburbs) I mention this word because I often use it to describe where I live; which is on the Virginia side Washington DC.

I posed the question is it “Bambi or Bambi’s Mother?” as the title for this image. The Crew at AFC has some fun answering that posed question. Let’s have some fun here and leave me a clever or funny answer as a comment.

As I have said AFC is all about showing the stuff that makes your world, your backyard. As our contributing crew is all over the world this makes for some fascinating and sometimes unusual sights. Like this week, for Wildlife Wednesday my buddy AC posted a photo of a Meerkat…so cute!!!  you can see that here MERELY A MEERKAT 

Want to be a contributor at AFC? 

Join us and show us your world.


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