Who is in the Crew?

What is Artistic Freedom Crew.com?

It’s a place to post your photos.. but there are many places on the web to do that. So what makes this little corner of the web so special? Well to start you keep all the rights to your images and copy, The Crew are huge proponents of copyright laws and respect the creativity and the ownership of it. Only original works are posted.

So what kind of photographs does the Crew post? Let’s have a look see.

Crew Member: Doodles

  Crew Member Doodles this is a view of Doodle’s (that’s me) Butterfly Garden. I sit on my back deck and stalk it from August till end of October. The vivid purples and oranges of my kaleidoscope butterfly bush serve as a great complement to the beautiful flutterbys.

I am also gifted the green trees in the background making a natural Bokeh backdrop effect. Some of the branches reach high enough that the sky can be my background.


Crew Member: Ewa

  Crew Member Ewa Wójciak she has a balcony full of little gems of flowers and a great eye for catching them while on walks around her part of the world.

She is also quite the foodie and will post photos of goodies to spark a real hunger. No worries she also posts the recipe as well.

The other star of Ewa’s photos is Suzi the resident cat of AFC (Artistic Freedom Crew)


So what kind of photos do the crew of AFC post? Well that’s a simple answer, we post what we see out our windows, at home, in the car, at work, on vacation, wherever we are, we are simply sharing our world with each other. What does your backyard look like?

Join the crew and show us what your backyard looks like, what’s in your town, your garden, your sky?  Join the Crew


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